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What follows is a translated commodity from Breathing Times, accoutrement an all-night Re:ZERO screening accident that was captivated in Shinjuku on June 18. We’ve got BlackDragonHunt to acknowledge for the translation, so go advanced and dig in for some absurd acumen from the show’s creators!

Natsuki Subaru | Re:Zero Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Natsuki Subaru | Re:Zero Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia | Natsuki Subaru


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An all-night Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Addition World- accident was captivated at the Kadokawa Cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo on the night of June 18th (Sat).


After a diffuse altercation amid Natsuki Subaru’s articulation actor, Kobayashi Yuusuke; Kadokawa producer, Tanaka Shou; White Fox action producer, Yoshikawa Tsunaki; and the series’ editor at Kadokawa’s MF Bunko J, Ikemoto Masahito, the aboriginal eleven episodes were buried for the audience, followed by an aboriginal screening of the yet-to-be-aired twelfth episode. Taking advantage of the abounding time accessible for such a late-night event, the agents dug abysmal into what goes on abaft the scenes, and this commodity will awning the altered topics  the four of them batten about.



The continued alley to Rem’s and Ram’s designs.


Despite the accident alpha at midnight, the amphitheater was arranged with Re:ZERO admirers aflame to altercate the alternation and get an aboriginal attending at the twelfth adventure and the alpha of the anime’s third arc: the acquisition of all bristles aristocratic alternative candidates. And the admirers consisted of added than aloof admirers of the anime—there were abounding admirers of the antecedent actual as well. Someone alike flew out all the way from Singapore to be there.


Discussion was led by Kadokawa’s Re:ZERO business producer, Yoshitake Shintarou, who arrive Tanaka Shou (Kadokawa), Yoshikawa Tsunaki (White Fox), and Ikemoto Masahito (MF Bunko J) assimilate the stage.



The aboriginal affair of the night was how Re:ZERO fabricated the alteration from web atypical to print. Ikemoto, the series’ editor and the one who fabricated it happen, remarked: “Sometime about April, 2013, my Twitter timeline was aback abounding with bodies talking about this alternation alleged Re:ZERO and how abundant they all admired it. So I absitively to accord it a try, and I begin myself hooked. I was abnormally afflicted with how it fabricated use of the loop-by-death mechanic, and how the argument actual acutely batten to me as a reader. The botheration was, actuality a web novel, there was a lot of text. Take the additional arc, for example—there’s about two volumes’ account of agreeable there, but as-is, it would accept been added than a thousand pages on paper. Editing it bottomward to fit into two volumes was acutely difficult.”


Next, we were presented with some appearance architecture drafts by alternation illustrator Ootsuka Shinichirou, based on his impressions of the web novel. “Subaru looked a bit like a abaft in the aboriginal draft,” Ikemoto commented. “Probably because he has somewhat of a abbreviate fuse.” He additionally mentioned that, as they were alteration the design, he told Ootsuka, “We can’t accept Subaru attractive like too abundant of a badass either.”



For Emilia’s design, Ikemoto said, “I was actual accurate about aggregate bottomward to the blush allocation in her design, because it was important she fit the ‘archetypal heroine’ angel and Subaru’s description of her as ‘EMA (Emilia-tan, above angel)’.”



Natsuki Subaru | Re:Zero Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu … | Natsuki Subaru

Rem and Ram started off as simple, beautiful maids, transitioned to accepting added astute maid uniforms, followed by demon-themed Japanese-style maid uniforms, afresh accomplished their final designs. Afterwards assuming us the altered drafts, Yoshikawa remarked, “The lineart in the antecedent designs was simpler and would accept been abundant easier to animate, but the final designs are abundant nicer to attending at (laughs).”



Lots of cooperation amid the antecedent and adjustment staff!


When asked about why Re:ZERO was called to be acclimatized into anime, Tanaka said, “I asked Ikemoto if he had any account for acceptable alternation that would be acceptable to accomplish into an anime, and he appropriate Re:ZERO. So I apprehend the web novel, and I anticipation Subaru was an alarming character. I adulation air-conditioned protagonists, and I anticipate audiences can actually feel for characters like him who are losers and spiral up but accumulate on affronted to the actual end.”


And as for why White Fox was called to do the adaptation, he said, “They’re a flat that’s actual alert to detail and cares about their work, and they apperceive how to accomplish adaptations that are affectionate and account the antecedent material. I knew I capital them to do it, so I went in and fabricated the offer.”


White Fox’s admiral afresh went to Yoshikawa, who had already apprehend the novels, to ask for his opinion. “It’s added absorbing to watch a appearance who grows over the advance of the series, and Re:ZERO has a lot of that. It additionally has a advanced ambit of content, so as continued as it doesn’t breach any broadcasting regulations, I anticipate it would be a acceptable choice,” he said.


Yoshikawa afresh said, apropos how the added agents were selected, “I brought Sakai Kyuuta on lath because I acquainted she was the absolute fit for the series’ style, and I believed she would do amends to Ootsuka’s aerial art while advancement the action affection over two cours. Watanabe Masaharu had done key action on addition activity at the studio, for which he drew some actual absorbing layouts, so my gut told me he would accomplish a acceptable director.”



Upon admirers White Fox would be administration the adaptation, Ikemoto said, “I was actual admiring by the news. I had credible some of White Fox’s added adaptations, and my consequence of them was that they did actual acceptable assignment bringing every aspect of the material—from mundanity to madness—to the screen.”


Furthermore, they appear that Re:ZERO’s author, Nagatsuki Tappei, participates in abundant of the process, from calligraphy affairs to recording to dubbing. There’s a abundant accord of cooperation abaft the scenes amid the action agents and the author.


Ikemoto additionally mentioned that one of the better obstacles the agents faced was the twenty-fifth and final episode. He said they spent a abundant accord of time apperception over area actually the best abode to end the anime would be.


Here comes Subaru, Kobayashi Yuusuke!


At this point, Natsuki Subaru’s articulation actor, Kobayashi Yuusuke was arrive assimilate the stage. He came out in the aforementioned sweatshirt and sweatpants Subaru wears in the alternation and shouted, “Look at all you bodies out actuality in the average of the night! You’re all biased like demons!” He afresh abashed his sweatshirt to acknowledge a bodice with Rem and Ram on it and said, “The added agents gave this to me afore we started, aloof as I was thinking, ‘Man, it’s kinda abandoned actuality the alone casting affiliate here.'”


Natsuki Subaru | Re:Zero Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Natsuki Subaru/Image Gallery | Re:Zero Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia | Natsuki Subaru


With Kobayashi onstage, the altercation affronted to the casting and admirers process. Yoshikawa said that Kobayashi was called to comedy Subaru because “he had by far the best ‘jackass’-y articulation of all the tapes we received. It was a no-brainer.”


“When we were putting calm the aboriginal PV and I met the director, Watanabe, he told me actually that—that I was called because I had the ‘jackass’ articulation bottomward pat. No one’s anytime said that to me before. I acquainted like I was breaking new arena in my career with this role,” Kobayashi said with a laugh.


“Compared to added auditions I’ve done, the calligraphy was huge,” Kobayashi said. “For my admirers tape, I had to almanac the absolute arena from adventure eight area Subaru break bottomward and cries.” To which Yoshikawa added, “The complete administrator was actually agitated with me about that. He kept cogent me, ‘this calligraphy is way too long’ (laughs).”


When Kobayashi saw the appearance art, “This guy’s got his duke shoved in his pocket, and he looks kinda angry, and my aboriginal consequence is like, ‘He’s the hero?’ I knew there was no way my articulation for the affectionate of characters I usually played would assignment for him, so I aloof went absolute with how I absurd a absolute jerk would sound. But at the aforementioned time, account his dialogue, I got the consequence he was additionally affectionate of a appropriate guy, accurate to himself, so I accomplish a point of aggravating to be appropriately advanced and accessible with his affections in my performance.”



Asked about how his achievement changes with the character, Kobayashi said, “I knew from the admirers script, which already had me jumping all over the spectrum, that it was activity to be rough, but it’s calmly ten times added difficult than I absurd (laughs). He gets pissed. He cries. Every adventure there’s at atomic one arena area I accept to crank the affect up to 150%, and it consistently requires me to do commodity new and different. It’s tough, but it’s actual rewarding.”


The agents frequently acquisition themselves alert to the adviser during Kobayashi’s animated performances at recording, they added.


Next, they were asked what they anticipation about Takahashi Rie’s achievement as Emilia. “When I heard Rie would be arena Emilia,” Kobayashi said, “I anticipation it was the absolute choice. She’s got this actually affable articulation that I anticipation would go able-bodied with a pure-hearted, appealing appearance like her. And she actually didn’t disappoint.”


Ikemoto added, “It’s actually adorable. Takahashi actually focuses on bringing out the ‘ordinary girl’ in Emilia’s character, and her straight, direct achievement is aloof wonderful.”


Kobayashi afresh appropriately began talking about what it’s like at the recording studio. “It’s great,” he said. “We’ll get bodies advancing in partway through the show, and they ability not apperceive what’s happened or how the bend artisan works or whatever, so they’ll appear ask me about it. Everyone’s accepting friendly, we’re all accepting fun, chatting away. And afresh recording starts and Subaru shows up and charcoal it all. At the end of the day, there’s aloof awkward blackout (laughs). For one adventure in the additional arc, afterwards we accomplished recording the aboriginal part, not a distinct being in the allowance capital to allocution to me—except for Puck’s actress, Uchiyama Yumi, who came up and offered me some adamantine candy, aggravating to lighten the affection (laughs),” he recalled, which got a big beam from the accomplished audience.



What do we accept to attending advanced to as the adventure begins heating up?


Discussion began to wind down, absorption axis adjoin the accessible chase screening. In preparation, the agents aggregate a few things they capital the admirers to attending out for as they watched the alternation again:


Natsuki Subaru | Re:Zero Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Image – Natsuki Subaru 1.jpg | VS Battles Wiki | FANDOM powered by … | Natsuki Subaru

Ikemoto: “Re:ZERO has a abundant accord of anxiety and hints broadcast throughout that you apparently won’t apprehension your aboriginal time around. It’s an anime that will abide to abruptness and affect on echo viewings.”


Yoshikawa: “The administrator is actual accurate about authoritative abiding the appearance acting is consistently aloof right. That their anatomy language, no amount how subtle—even bottomward to the slight pauses—accurately reflects how they’re activity at any accustomed time. I achievement you’ll pay abutting absorption to this as you analysis the show.”


Tanaka: “During the arena area Subaru has his arch in Emilia’s lap, I couldn’t focus on her face. My eyes kept activity to her boobs, so I ask you all to beam as abundant as I did (laughs).”


Kobayashi: “Every time Subaru dies and goes aback in time, everyone’s achievement except for abundance has to jump aback in time with it. The adverse in how the characters act adjoin Subaru afore and afterwards anniversary displace is abundant added credible aback watching the episodes back-to-back. I achievement you’ll accumulate an eye out for that and how Subaru’s anomalous ability causes him to fumble.”



Next, Ikemoto talked a little bit about the unaired twelfth adventure they would be screening. “So far, Re:ZERO has mostly revolved about Subaru and the assorted bodies he’s aloof so happened to run into, both aloft accession in this apple and afterwards affective into the Roswaal mansion. It’s been added a adventure of accident and adventitious encounters up to now, but affective forward, we’ll be seeing decidedly added of the bodies who accept a greater role in the apple at large. Bodies who actively actuate the adventure forward. And they’re all actual unique, appropriate characters, so I apprehend you’ll be able to admit them and put names to faces afterwards alone seeing them a brace times.”


He afresh went on to acquaint the new characters that would be actualization in the twelfth episode: “Priscilla is a actual haughty, ‘the apple revolves about me’ character. Her knight, Aldebaran, is a affectionate of shady, untrustworthy-looking man. Wilhelm is an earlier man with a abundant added cogent role in the adventure than you ability expect. Anastasia speaks in an abnormal accent from her home country of Kararagi, which I anticipate Ueda Kana has done a absurd job with.”



To abutting off the discussion, they captivated a theater-wide rock-paper-scissors competition, with four posters autographed by Kobayashi Yuusuke at stake. The admirers played adjoin the agents associates on date (one affiche awarded to who won adjoin anniversary of Kobayashi, Tanaka, Yoshikawa, and Ikemoto). It was a actual intense, if somewhat surreal arena to witness.


And at continued last, the series’ catastrophe theme, “STYX HELIX,” played, signaling the end of the altercation allotment of the event. “See, we do comedy the ED sometimes,” Yoshikawa said, and the admirers roared in laughter.


The agents gave anybody their thanks, and afresh Kobayashi assured with, “This is area the absolute fun begins. If any of you dozes off during the screening, you’ll die and accept to do it all over afresh like Subaru (laughs). Please adore the show.”


After an candid attending abaft the scenes of Re:ZERO’s production, the abundant agents anecdotes, and the abounding action we aggregate forth the way, we all sat bottomward to rewatch the aboriginal eleven episodes. With our newfound insight, there were lots of little “aha!” moments as we accomplished what assertive things meant, why altered characters acted and reacted the way they did, and bent abounding attenuate little capacity we had absent aboriginal watching the appearance on TV.


On a whole, the accident was a admirable befalling to attending aback on Re:ZERO as a alternation and accretion a renewed acknowledgment for it.

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Natsuki Subaru – Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Image … | Natsuki Subaru


This commodity originally appeared in Japanese on Breathing Times.

Seven Facts You Never Knew About Natsuki Subaru | Natsuki Subaru – Natsuki Subaru
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