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You can acquaint what a big anime alarmist I am because of all of the books I’ve been account lately. Aloof in the accomplished brace of months, I’ve dead off the aboriginal of Hayao Miyazaki’s basic two-part article collection, Starting Point, a brace of those Vampire Hunter D novels (I’m into bifold digits!), and the third Legend of the Galactic Heroes book. That’s in accession to agriculture my arcane addictions to both manga and the chronicles of Lee Child’s awesome, amusing hobo detective, Jack Reacher.

Paul von Oberstein - Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki
Paul von Oberstein – Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki | von Oberstein Paul

Just this accomplished Tuesday a bindle landed on my doorstep absolute yet addition book, Ayano Takeda’s Sound! Euphonium, the account of a Kyoto aerial academy band’s attempt for greatness. Ah, actuality was a aureate befalling to about-face up my adenoids at a accepted assignment of Japanese action and declare, “I admired the book better.” Aloof like at the movies!

It turns out that stacking Takeda’s Sound! Euphonium up adjoin Kyoto Action and administrator Tatsuya Ishihara’s Sound! Euphonium TV alternation is appealing revealing. Thanks to manga’s attendance as anime antecedent material, we’re acclimatized to TV adaptations breadth best every adventure spans about amid 24 and 48 pages of comics material. Here’s a 13-episode adjustment of a single, attenuate book, admitting one that’s hardly beneath attenuate in Japanese (319 pages adjoin the English version’s 187). At any rate, it’s a sweet, aboveboard adventure about aerial academy life, with no big words except for “euphonium.” It’s a abbreviate abundant book that I apprehend the accomplished activity in one sitting, pausing alone to accomplish a dried Rick Astley antic on Twitter.

I won’t absorb too abundant time espousing the virtues of Sound! Euphonium, because Rose Bridges’ allotment about the anime’s accomplishment at depicting bandage activity covers best of the above bases I would have. I was a bandage geek, too! In comparing the versions, what strikes me aboriginal is the actuality that Takeda has beneath to assignment with than a beheld and audition cheat might. It’s harder to for her to absolutely acquaint one of my admired scenes in the anime version, breadth the renewed Kitauji Aerial Academy Bandage staggers through an adorably lame, antagonistic achievement of James Fulton’s “The Marine Corps,” in a moment that absolutely nails that hapless, honking complete that alone a characterless aerial academy concert bandage can produce. Takeda’s adjustment of the above arena describes the bandage assuming The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love” afterwards some all-encompassing exclusive rehearsal, alone to accept the achievement abruptly collapse amid through the song. It’s aloof as evocative, but a absolutely altered booty on the above problem.

Overall, the Sound! Euphonium anime adjustment hits appealing abundant every distinct adventure exhausted on the nose, but is run through with chic little tweaks and alterations. I’d adventure that this is a artefact of the actuality that it’s a lengthy, anxiously planned adjustment of a appealing active book. There’s a accomplished arena in the anime adjustment breadth advocate Kumiko frets over what to do with her beard that’s aloof not present in the book at all. On the added hand, there’s additionally a accomplished arena in the book breadth bass breadth baton Asuka starts arguing with herself about whether or not Adolphe Sax had a duke in the euphonium’s creation, in a distinct branch that spans about two pages—and it’s bargain to a distinct bandage in the anime, announced mostly in the background. Ishihara’s anime adjustment makes abiding to abduction the essentials of Asuka’s character– her sly, alone nature– but diminishes her addiction appear over-explaining things, which absolutely works bigger as prose. There’s addition aberration in the anime adjustment that makes itself axiomatic appropriate away. Can you atom it?

Paul von Oberstein - Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki
Paul von Oberstein (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu) – | von Oberstein Paul

That’s right—in the anime version, the academy uniforms are amber and not blue! You accept to admiration what went into authoritative that decisi—wait a goddamn minute, what the hell is this

There’s been a lot of belief in my amusing circles about why Midori looks so… contented? That’s apparently not the chat you’re cerebration of, but let’s go with it. She never absolutely pulls a face like this in the anime version, but account the book reveals a appealing acceptable account for her announcement of peculiar, complacent cheer. As Takeda explains a few times, as continued as Midori gets to comedy music, her cocked bass George in hand, it doesn’t amount of the bandage sucks and is actuality captivated by interpersonal drama– she’s in her Happy Place. Naturally, she names her pals’ instruments, too. I anticipate she calls Hazuki’s Tuba “Steele,” and Kumiko’s euphonium “’The Animal’”. I don’t apperceive what the hell is activity on with her collar, though.

The anime adjustment has a cardinal of added small, absorbing differences, like how the band’s achievement cardinal turns out to be article a little easier to authorization than a Beatles song. (I like the anime’s best of song, but account the book larboard me wondering: did the bandage administrator acclimatize “Can’t Buy Me Love”’s accent to accomplish it easier to advance to, or did Kumiko and her pals accept to shuffle-march?) There are additionally a few beyond differences; if you begin yourself absorbed or afraid by Kumiko’s abeyant adventurous options, for example, the book sheds some ablaze there. Ultimately, the two versions accompaniment anniversary added well, which is absolutely the ideal. I aloof achievement this aboriginal book does able-bodied abundant in English to get the blow of the Sound! Euphonium alternation appear here, so we can see if Kumiko triumphs in her final showdown adjoin the euphonium. While I’m authoritative wishes, I additionally appetite a afterpiece attending at these girls.

Here’s addition activity that wasn’t too accessible in the anime version—Kumiko’s junior-high accord with trombonist Azusa, who went off to comedy at Rikka High, one of the best blisteringly aggressive bandage schools in all of Japan. That little detail gets tossed about a brace of times in the TV anime, but we apprehend a little added about Azusa and Rikka in the book. Little did we apperceive that this was all a artifice by Ayano Takeda to get us absorbed on aerial academy bandage adventures, because abiding enough, she followed up on Sound! Euphonium with Welcome to the Rikka Aerial Marching Band. Will we get an anime version? Maybe if we’re good, and if we all accede to go and see the two added Sound! Euphonium movies that are advancing out abutting year.

Paul von Oberstein - Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki
Paul von OBERSTEIN | Anime-Planet | von Oberstein Paul

Now that I’m done with Sound! Euphonium, I can get aback to account Yoshiki Tanaka’s Legend of the Galactic Heroes, while authoritative abiding to booty common break to watch Artland and Noboru Ishiguro’s Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime. This is a actual acceptable botheration to have, though, because there was a time back either adjustment of Tanaka’s archetypal SF adventure was anticipation to be too continued or too abstruse to construe into English. Not anymore. Here, my asperity is reversed– I’m further forth in the Galactic Heroes books than I anytime got with the anime. Fortunately, already again, the two versions accompaniment anniversary other.

Tanaka’s books, which activity a all-embracing war and ability attempt amid the absolute Galactic Empire and their ablaze adjudicator Reinhard von Lohengramm, and the Free Planets’ Alliance and their appropriate ability Yang Wen-Li, are close and info-dumpy. They alpha off with a big action and a ton of actual data, absorption mostly on Reinhard and Yang and their actual circles of associates. The anime is a little shallower—it can’t decay as abundant time on how the FPA’s antecedents fled from the base Goldenbaum dynasty—but at the above time, it’s lot broader, with added time for accessory characters and asides. Here, we see grunts talking to anniversary added about the war, and get a attending at the show’s action in both ample and baby scale.

The amount of the anime adjustment is abnormally axiomatic in scenes like this, because Tanaka’s addition to the two forces’ fighter planes appealing abundant reads like,“Spartanians are basically X-Wings, and Valkyries are basically Tie Fighters. Got it? OK, affective on to Iserlohn Station, which is basically the Death Star…” Visually, the accomplished activity comes off abundant differently; the two forces’ fighter units accept their own aesthetic, and Iserlohn is this arresting churning atramentous sphere, encased in an ocean of aqueous metal. If I had a complaint about the anime version, it’s that it nudges the story’s third power, the aloof merchant accompaniment Phezzan and its adjudicator Adrian Rubinsky, off to the ancillary at first. (The subtitles additionally romanize Phezzan as “Fezzan,” which larboard me weirdly affronted that cipher in Rubinsky’s all-too-brief scenes wears a fez.)

At the above time, I’m about to able accessible the fourth Galactic Heroes novel, and I’m absolutely afflicted with how economical Tanaka’s book is. He focuses on the action—he alone gets all starts to get amethyst back he’s answer how appealing Reinhard is. The clip of the adventure is brisk, and admitting the ample casting of characters, the clairvoyant never absolutely loses clue of who’s cheating whom, and which faction’s accomplishment is about to fail.

Paul von Oberstein - Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki
Paul von Oberstein (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu) – Pictures – | von Oberstein Paul

There are additionally accomplished adventure and appearance credibility in Ishiguro’s anime version. There’s a bigger faculty of Reinhard and Sigfried’s friendship, not to acknowledgment what a loveable sad-sack the FPA’s appropriate commanderYang is. It’s additionally absorbing to see the series’ acclaimed all-embracing amplitude battles, in which bags of basic ships bang into anniversary other, in action form. There’s additionally one breadth in which the anime adjustment is assuredly superior, and that’s in the appearance of Paul von Oberstein, one of Reinhard’s confidants. This guy’s a abundant antihero– he’s still appealing acceptable in the books, but the anime adjustment absolutely plays up his weird, lizardlike agreeableness in agency that Tanaka can’t absolutely acquaint on the printed page.

One fun little point of order: I mentioned to a pal that I’d apprehend the Sound! Euphonium ablaze novel, and he promptly adapted me – it’s aloof a novel, not a LN. “What?” I replied, flummoxed. Afterwards all, it fits the bill: anime-style awning art, abrupt length… that’s all of the criteria, right? “Nope,” my acquaintance said, “No pictures.”

He had me there. Forth with the two above series, I’ve additionally afresh apprehend a brace of the DanMachi books, and those things are blimp with pictures—pictures that attending absolutely like the anime, because of advance they do, that’s all allotment of the plan, dummy! The acumen amid ablaze novels and “real” novels is appealing tangible—Takeda’s book is clearly bigger what’s independent in any ablaze atypical I’ve read, including Hideyuki Kikuchi’s fun Vampire Hunter D books. It’s still kinda funny to me ablaze novels are in their own little class abundantly on the base of formatting, artlessly because they accept this awe-inspiring anatomy that involves lots of pictures, and possibly an beforehand serialization in a lurid magazine. You apperceive what that means, right? It agency that Lester Dent’s The Man of Bronze is a ablaze novel. Bring on the Doc Savage anime adaptation!

I’m afraid to absorb too abundant time belief the pros and cons of DanMachi’s aboriginal book version… well, in a nutshell: it’s accounting in aboriginal person, and I aloof don’t like Bell’s close monologue; the kid talks like an otaku, all terminally afflicted with the girls about him and acrimonious about aggregate else. Unless you’re absolutely athirst for more, you can aloof stick with the anime. But with Sound! Euphonium and Legend of the Galactic Heroes, if you appetite the best stuff, you can’t aloof skip the books. You can’t aloof skip the anime, either. How abounding media can you absolutely say that about? It’s an absorbing feat. So remember, afterwards you’ve spent some time in advanced of the tube watching your admired anime, clasp in a cruise bottomward to your bounded library, and try account your admired anime!

Paul von Oberstein - Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki
Paul von Oberstein, LoGH by Mendo-kusai on DeviantArt | von Oberstein Paul

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Paul von Oberstein - Gineipaedia, the Legend of Galactic Heroes wiki
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