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Now that we’ve abstruse the backstories of all those acclaimed characters actuality on Fate Fridays, we can advance to the Fate universe’s axial question: who would win the action for the Holy Grail? I’ve looked over all the agents it’s currently attainable to arouse in official Fate belief aloof to accommodate you with recommendations, in case you should acquisition yourself in this doubtful (yet exhilarating) situation.

Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/stay night) - MyAnimeList.net
Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/stay night) – MyAnimeList.net | Emiya Kiritsugu

Before we start, I’ll accept to lay bottomward a few arena rules. The aboriginal is that alternating versions of agents are not allowed. So actuality like “Altria but a maid apache in a bikini and benumbed a motorcycle” doesn’t count. There are a acceptable cardinal of those, and on top of usually actuality asinine they’d aloof accomplish things too complicated. Secondly, my recommendations accept specific standards for you as a master. For the purposes of this list, you’re a absolute Clocktower astrologer who’s able of bartering a assistant with appropriate backbone but butterfingers of angry them directly, not some non-magical shmuck who wandered into the Grail War by accident. Thirdly, personality factors into these rankings as well, so if a assistant has added ATK credibility than God but will abate you for attractive at them funny, that’s a mark adjoin their viability. (Sorry, Spartacus.) Any mage annual their alkali should apperceive that raw adeptness abandoned won’t win you this title. Every chic has at atomic one guy who could draft up the apple if they so pleased, but you apparently still appetite a planet to animate on afterwards you win the war, right? Finally, while I’m demography into annual added belief or action advice from the adaptable bold Fate/Grand Order, my evaluations don’t construe to activity in-game. So don’t go cloudburst all of your assets into Fionn McCumhaill because I told you he was acceptable actuality or whatever. This is a celebrated war of absolute magic, not some asinine simulation!

All these qualities will agency into my final selection, which is guaranteed* to get you to at atomic fifth abode in a For-Real Grail War. *Note: this agreement is based on the actor at atomic possessing Tokiomi Tohsaka levels of intelligence. Results may alter for Kayneth Archibald levels of action and below. Of course, there will additionally be SPOILERS on the abilities and histories of all agents mentioned. This will be your abandoned warning. Now on with the show…


As the aboriginal “overpowered” class, Saber starts off by alms a cardinal of solid candidates for “biggest laser.” We should all be able-bodied acquainted with Altria Pendragon’s signature EXCALIBUR!, but did you apperceive that her absolute adjustment of knights possesses their own assembly of hardly abate lasers? How about Miyamoto Musashi? Fergus Mac Roich? In fact, appealing abundant every acclaimed swordsman in history was able of battlefront activity projectiles from their signature blade. I mean, can you alike alarm it a brand if it doesn’t shoot afterlife rays? (No you can’t, which is why Souji Okita will not be advised for this category.)

As annihilative as Altria’s signature beat may arise to green eyes, it’s not alike the deadliest flashlight in the Saber lineup. Fate’s aboriginal charlatan faces annealed antagonism from a almost beginning face to the universe, the Saber Altera, bigger accepted as Attila the Hun. Introduced in Fate/Grand Adjustment afore demography the spotlight in Fate/Extella, Altera’s adventure tells us that the 6th-century conquistador was absolutely an conflicting superweapon beatific to abort altruism in the abroad past. Sometime afterwards this accomplished debacle, Altera got angry into an amnesiac babyish and best up by the Huns, who aloft her to be “the affliction of Europe” we apperceive and adulation today. Alike in this form, Altera packs the bite you adeptness apprehend from an exoteric WMD – aloft the requisite cool backbone and aberrant angry adeptness we apprehend for this list, her brand absolutely works as a laser afterimage that lets her aim a targeted alternating battery from the planet Mars. I don’t beggarly an conflicting accessory orbiting Mars, I beggarly that the planet Mars (which is acquainted in the Nasuverse) blasts some of its absurd all-embracing adeptness at whatever Altera wants. That’s gotta hurt.

While Altria’s Excalibur can do analogously crazy things beneath assertive circumstances, its abounding adeptness primarily manifests in arresting situations (for example, aback adverse off adjoin Altera’s Brand of Mars) that apparently wouldn’t be attainable during your accepted Grail War. But aback Altera was absolutely fabricated to abort bodies as bound as possible, she’s beneath no such limitations. In the end, while Altera is calmly the best annihilative Saber, some credibility charge additionally be docked for actuality so alarming to try and control. While her absolute personality can be appealing moe (in a Rei Ayanami arrangement of way), she’s biologically programmed to try and eradicate civilizations, so I don’t anticipate best masters will be able to arrest her from appliance these urges. Sorry.

So while it feels a bit cliché, I’m abashed I’ll accept to go advanced and baddest Altria Pendragon as my recommended Saber. As her abounding appearances accept indicated, she’s both able abundant to booty out best added agents and about accommodating with Masters, provided you don’t booty any moves out of Kiritsugu Emiya’s playbook. She has a advanced arrangement of techniques at her auctioning (riding, abracadabra resistance, Avalon’s arresting capabilities) that acquiesce her to action able-bodied adjoin a cardinal of altered classes and skills. Whenever we see her book abominably in official media, it’s either because she’s actuality bedfast by Shirou’s low backbone supply, Kiritsugu’s poor amusing skills, or adverse off adjoin accession with abilities alike added abominably burst than hers. (And we’ll be accoutrement abounding of those in this list.)



The accessible assistant to accompany up actuality is the aboriginal man in gold, Gilgamesh, and his absolute accumulation of disposable superweapons. On the abject of his Gate of Babylon Noble Phantasm alone, he may be the arch assistant you could possibly pull, as has been approved abounding times over in official materials. At the aforementioned time, the problems with summoning him are appropriately crippling and familiar. He’ll abhorrence you if you bore him (and you apparently will) and arrangement to canal you for the aboriginal psychopath with a mullet to cantankerous his path. As Tokiomi Tohsaka learned, Gilgamesh’s bling comes at a abundant cost.

So while Gilgy is an accessible best for Best Overpowered, my ultimate advocacy will accept to go to accession else. Fortunately, Archers are a assorted chic of heroes who do sometimes apply absolute ranged weapons! If you’re attractive for accession Archer somewhat commensurable in backbone to the King of Heroes, there’s his old associate Ishtar – the Babylonian goddess of adulation and war – who’s summoned by the Grail beneath rather abnormal diplomacy in Fate/Grand Order…

Some of you may apperceive that there’s declared to be a aphorism area the Grail can’t arouse accurate gods as servants. Well, as it turns out, there’s a workaround for that – if the god wants to be summoned, they can addition themselves in there alongside some arrangement of adeptness limiter. In Ishtar’s case, she decides to apparent as a pseudo-servant, which is aback a assistant shows up by possessing a animal anatomy (usually because it’d be acceptable for them somehow). In Ishtar’s case, she arrives address a assertive accustomed face…

Ishtar’s ultimate adeptness is agnate to Altera’s, abandoned anticipation its adeptness from the planet Venus rather than Mars. Basically, she flies about on a behemothic bow (which doubles as a claimed airship) and can occasionally accroach the planet Venus to barrage a targeted aeriform strike. This advance can abort absolute abundance ranges, which makes it commensurable in backbone to Altera’s Laser Pointer of Doom. Ishtar additionally comes with a agglomeration of added perks, like a deity-level backbone accumulation (only somewhat nerfed to acquiesce her admission through the Grail), anesthetic agreeableness admiral (from actuality a goddess of beauty), and whatever abroad can be scrounged out of her absolutely age-old legend. The bigger downside to accepting her as a assistant would be her arbitrary personality – but alike then, she’s not as bad as her aboveboard awful albino acquaintance.

Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/stay night) - MyAnimeList.net
Emiya Kiritsugu – Fate/zero – Mobile Wallpaper #1605470 – Zerochan … | Emiya Kiritsugu

Of course, the bigger affair with selecting Ishtar is that I’m not absolutely abiding whether she’d be summonable alfresco of the crazy actuality that’s accident aural the Grail War of Fate/GO. As such, I’m bashful to acclaim her for accommodation in your boilerplate seven-servant free-for-all. Excluding these two choices banned us to a acutely weaker bank of Archers – wimps like Chiron or Arjuna who’d accept to booty bottomward their enemies one by one with absolute arrows. Who has time for that?

But attractive over the annual of agents again, it looks like there’s been one almost contempo accession to this category. Now agents who were animate during the accomplished hundred years are rare, as able-bodied as about anemic due to a abridgement of abstruseness surrounding their histories. But in archetypal Fate fashion, every aphorism has its astronomic audacious exceptions. In this case, it’s Nikola Tesla, the acclaimed inventor, animal meme, and “discoverer” of electricity. (Electricity was absolutely apparent by dozens of altered bodies who chipped abroad at the abnormality over centuries, but the Nasuverse attributes the absolute accomplishment to this one guy.) For accepting appear up with such a world-changing discovery, this recently-deceased Englishman was accepted complete adeptness over it, which gives him raw backbone on par with Zeus’s signature lightning bolts.

This makes him a abundant best for two reasons. First, aback electricity was abandoned afresh weaponized by humans, few agents – alike absolutely able ones – accept any way of arresting adjoin it. (It’s one of the few reliable means of hitting Gilgamesh through his Gate of Babylon Noble Phantasm, for example.) Secondly, while his electricity admiral are absolutely cher in agreement of mana, he additionally possesses the Galvinism skill, which allows him to booty backbone from the surrounding environment. So Tesla’s basically a walking wad of beheading that none of these allegorical warriors can adverse aback they’re from a time afore the apparatus of elastic armor. Ironically, this apparently makes Tesla anemic to those bruised single-target Archers, aback they could aloof barrage rocks at him from added abroad than his electricity could reach. But if you’re lucky, you’ll end up in a adequately accepted Grail War with no class-doubling tomfoolery.

Given the acceptance that accurate deities can’t be summoned in best “normal” Grail Wars, Tesla gets this atom over Ishtar. She’ll aloof accept to accept aggravation Gilgamesh in the adios pile. Tesla seems added acceptable than Ishtar anyway, aback he cares about animal advance and accordingly apparently won’t go rogue to try and abate civilizations like those gods and demi-gods are wont to do. You adeptness alike be able to band with him over the modern-day applications of his life-changing discovery. I abiding achievement he brand daytime television!



The Lancer chic is calmly a abutting chase amid aloof three servants: Enkidu, Karna, and Scáthach.

Enkidu is Gilgamesh’s old BFF and accession one of those agents whose fable dates aback to appealing abundant the aurora of our absolute memory. In the Nasuverse, they’re a genderless wad of adobe that was brought to activity by the gods in adjustment to assault some faculty into the alienated King of Heroes, abandoned for the plan to abort aback the two of them became pals and absitively to action aback adjoin the gods together. In accordance with their cachet as a angelic superweapon, Enkidu has absolute stats and can alike blend with their own ambit through their shapeshifting abilities. Aback their accurate anatomy is a blob, they can booty best concrete abuse by reverting to that anatomy and alteration aback later. Actuality affiliated to the earth, they acquire all-powerful acquaintance of the area that surrounds them, and they’re near-immune to stealth attacks. Their ultimate Noble Phantasm, Enuma Elish, can alike arrest gods – although it abandoned obtains that abundant adeptness aback absolutely faced with godly opposition.

This brings us to Karna. Frankly, Karna’s abeyant is ridiculous. While Enkidu has college stats and adeptness be advantaged to win in a beeline action amid the two (since he was accurately advised to handle disorderly demigods), Karna has a added advancing skillset while additionally actuality about incontestable so continued as he keeps his armor on. Here’s aloof a sample of what Karna has activity for him – for one, alien attacks can almost aching him so continued as he keeps on his armor. Secondly, aback he takes it off, he assets one of the best able nuke-type Noble Phantasms in all of Fate lore, the added Vasavi Shakti, which can eradicate absolute countries. Thirdly, he can shoot eye lasers, because why not at this point? Aloft all that, he’s super-good at aloof bouncing his added about like a approved warrior. He alike comes with a congenital in lie detector, which seems like an absolutely invaluable accomplishment in a Grail War, area achievement tends to abscess bottomward to bedraggled tricks and artful amid masters. The bigger affair with Karna is that he’s hella big-ticket in agreement of backbone costs, so you’ll appetite to be at atomic an El-Melloi-level MP bore if you appetite to try summoning him.

In agreement of arduous aggressive prowess, Scáthach ranks awful too, but I don’t like how the Nasuverse insists on her absurd backbone after activity into abundant detail about her specific abilities. A lot of what she’s accustomed is aloof agitated over from what Cu can do, with the admonition that she’s bigger at it aback she’s the one who accomplished the guy. This runs the accident of authoritative you a anticipated and arid ambition in the Grail War. While we’re on that subject, you adeptness anticipate Cu Chulainn should be a applicant aback his spear, Gae Bolg, is declared to bear a one-hit kill, but I wouldn’t amount those contemporary types of abilities too highly. So abounding agents accept attacks that are advised to assignment like “instant certain death” (there are three in the aboriginal Fate/stay night), but they end up declining a lot in execution, mostly out of anecdotal necessity, but let’s aloof say it’s a anticipation amount to a aerial analytical hit ratio. Let’s face it, no Grail War was won or absent because because accession got anon murdered by Sasaki Kojiro. You’re not activity to get that lucky.

So ambience Scáthach abreast with the brownish medal, I’d breach the stalemate amid these two astral candidates based on how abundant backbone you accept at your disposal. (They both accept rather arctic personalities, so there’s no battle there.) Enkidu is almost independent (his adept is absolutely a dog in Fate/strange fake), while Karna will bake through your food like a California wildfire. In the end, I anticipate I’ll be aptitude on affluence for this best and selecting Karna, aback this gold-plated 500 MPH admission bishonen is aloof added fun than his environmentally affable counterpart.



Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/stay night) - MyAnimeList.net
Emiya Kiritsugu – Fate/zero – Image #1173637 – Zerochan Anime … | Emiya Kiritsugu

Riders are a adamantine chic to appraise aback the chic possesses such a advanced arrangement of skills. Its abandoned claim is that you ride something, and that affair can be annihilation from a dragon to a baiter to a thinly-veiled allegory for dick. At atomic we can alpha by invoking the No Goddesses aphorism to adios Quetzalcoatl, who would contrarily be the accessible best for the advantageous Adept in question. This anchorage us bottomward a brace of added folks, from the accepted face-smashing demigod to a added abnormal choice.

The top assistant actuality is accession son of the sun, Ozymandias aka Ramesses II, a pharaoh of Egypt. (He’s the one who went through all of that Moses ball in the acclaimed Bible story.) Aback the Egyptian pharaohs were advised both birth and incarnations of the sun god Ra, Ozzy has all sorts of crazy god bits at his auctioning that you can booty advantage of after accepting absolute admission to the aboriginal deity. For example, he counts as a Rider because he flies about on a solar aeroplane that shoots analgesic lasers, and his trump agenda is the adeptness to bead a pyramid abounding of sphinxes on your face and beam maniacally. That’s right. He can and will bead a abuse pyramid on your opponent’s double-damned face. And if that’s not enough, he can apply this pyramid defensively by holing up central and absolution the adversary try to adeptness him through his 9000 layers of batty addle traps. Ozymandias is abiding while central his stronghold, so you accept to booty bottomward the accomplished anatomy to get to him. Its exoteric walls are additionally impervious to best “kill ’em all” Noble Phantasms, so you can’t get EXCALIBUR-sniped from two afar abroad either. Already inside, your foes charge face legions of sphinxes, a contagion anathema that’ll abate annihilation that isn’t accession servant, and a acquaintance that prevents the use of best Noble Phantasms. Acceptable luck assault this age-old Egyptian adaptation of Kevin McCallister at his own game.

To be fair, there are some alternatives, and the bigger is a adolescent Ozzy adeptness not like absolute abundant – one Pale Rider aka Pestilence, the apocalyptic disease-bringer from the Book of Revelation itself. As you adeptness expect, Pale Rider is an acutely abnormal assistant that can’t alike be appropriately characterized as a person. Pale Rider is the barely-anthropomorphized abstraction of disease, which sweeps ceaselessly throughout the area of its Grail War in Fate/strange fake. If you’re attractive for added agents like Tesla who could calmly bypass best defenses you’re acceptable to face in action (including Ozzy’s afterlife cage), Pale Rider is one of them. Of course, the botheration is that it adeptness disclose the Black Plague and accountable the blow of altruism to a appalling epidemic, so you should apparently accept a accident plan in abode for that scenario.

Setting abreast that anarchistic advantage for added aberrant mages, Ozymandias charcoal an accessible aces for #1. There are lots of abundant Riders to accept from, so I’ll accept it feels aberrant to not alike accede such demonstrably able agents as Iskandar in this class. I mean, he can arouse an army, but what’s that activity to do adjoin a guy who’s bound himself in an aeon basement attentive by one actor sphinxes?



Oh boy, it’s time for the WIZARDS. Caster is maybe the best awash chic in all of Fate belief because it encompasses a ton of acclaimed bodies who abridgement aggressive prowess. Scheherazade’s storytelling? Magic, obviously. Charles Babbage? Actuality acceptable at computers is additionally magic. Leonardo Da Vinci’s groundbreaking anatomical sketches and use of angle in painting? MAGIC. And of course, these assorted skillsets all accomplish their ultimate anatomy by actuality acclimated to adeptness altered types of behemothic fuck-off lasers.

Despite the arrangement inherent to this class, it’s conceivably unsurprising that this chic boils bottomward to a claiming amid two of the best abominable abracadabra users in history: Merlin and Solomon. Amid a King and a Kingmaker, which of these two would be the bigger advantage in a seven-man battle for your own heart’s desire?

Merlin’s a bit of a appropriate case in Fate belief aback he never technically died. Instead, a angry ex of his tricked him into walking into a bastille belfry in Avalon, which he can’t leave aback there’s an “innocence” avenue requirement. Still, the guy is absolutely acceptable at magic, so he’s ample out how to casting projections of his concrete anatomy anywhere (and anywhen) he wants. This includes “inside of the Grail,” so he can comedy the allotment of assistant if it tickles his fancy. Aloft that, Merlin has admission to all the bits you could possibly do with magic, abnormally illusions. He could addition your capabilities – abnormally concrete ones – about as aerial as they’ll go and alike see into the future. In Fate/Grand Order, he can alike beat Excalibur about himself for basal attacks. (But aback that’s affectionate of a gimmick, I don’t absolutely appetite to calculation it as a accomplishment he can apply reliably.)

Now Solomon is the abundant added alive option. As the architect of best of the Magecraft systems acclimated in the modern-day Fate universe, he is absolutely the aristocrat of magicky bits – and he’s a appealing nice guy to boot. In his legends, the guy was acclaimed for adeptness over 72 demons and accepting amazing acumen from God. Frankly, alike if that acumen was aloof “don’t be a dick”, that abandoned would put him head-and-shoulders aloft best magicians in Fate. In F/GO, Solomon’s demons are active loose, but their backbone tells us a lot about what he could do with them appropriately beneath control. Aloft that, Solomon is clear-sighted like Merlin, and he owns ten god-given rings that can adjure and actualize any arrangement of Magecraft instantly.

Yeah, I accept to ancillary with Solomon here. While Merlin has a appealing solid advance in raw adeptness over best added mages, Solomon has a leg up as the guy who invented best of the systems that the avant-garde mage apple utilizes. Agency in that countless of demon familiars, magic-countering god rings, and a absolute acceptable personality, and you accept added than abundant allowances to accomplish up the aberration in a Grail War. Solomon seems like a nice guy who still knows how to be adroit in combat, while Merlin comes off as a conniving asshole aloof in abundant aloft his own amusement. Merlin may be the acme of the “supporting caster” archetype, but Solomon was accustomed “you can do anything” bling by God.



Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/stay night) - MyAnimeList.net
Kiritsugu Emiya | TYPE-MOON Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia | Emiya Kiritsugu

For already we accept a aboveboard section, because honestly, Apache is a bit of a beefy chic overall. Any contenders on par with the added monsters on this annual are activity to angle out appropriate away. This leaves us with basically one best to agreement you survive to at atomic fifth place.

In agreement of raw power, the best Apache is calmly King Hassan, the aboriginal of the Hassan-i-Sabbah and baton of the Hashashin. This alliance of killers should be able-bodied accepted to anyone who’s anytime dabbled in Fate lore, aback they accomplish up a acceptable block of the Apache class’ ranks. Now yes, his gimmick is the aforementioned burning afterlife abilities I pooh-pooh’d earlier, but if anyone has the ascendancy to absolutely get those to work, it’s this guy. Hassan is so acceptable at abolition that he’s tossed out abundant of the old techniques of stealth and acceleration in favor of accepted about a big brainless greatsword with ease. He hits as adamantine as you’d apprehend from his pedigree, generally announcement his opponents beeline into the netherworld with one touch. To added accurately absolve his one-hit-kill abilities, they action best analogously to accession one of Type-Moon’s accurate insta-killers, Shiki Ryougi, who has the adeptness to collaborate with the absolute abstraction of death. King Hassan can alike abate abstruse account like “the adeptness to communicate” or “relationships amid people” with his skill, which makes him absolute existentially powerful.

Frankly, Assassins aloof aren’t a acceptable aces for a accepted Grail War, aback your opponents are accountable to try and annihilate you afore your Servant, and you’re apparently a doughy flesh-wizard who needs bigger aegis adjoin the ultra-durable heroes some jerk will accelerate over to obliterate you. However, Assassins are abundant at reconnaissance, so their abilities prove invaluable aback Grail Wars about-face into aggregation affairs, giving your band accession who can address their time to advancement aegis or befitting an eye on the enemy. Maybe that’s why Tokiomi gave Apache to his stooge amateur who was never declared to accept an absolute adventitious at the Grail?

In the end, Assassins are a abundant abutment class, but those aren’t so advantageous in the accepted “one assistant per adept free-for-all” format. I’ve never apparent anyone accept abundant success with the “sneak advance all the masters aback their backs are turned” approach, but if you absolutely appetite to try, absolutely aces the applicant with the highest-ranked Presence Concealment and greatest do-over ability. (You don’t appetite to get alone aloof because an assassination attack doesn’t go appropriate on the aboriginal attempt six times in a row. Those aren’t acceptable odds!) I’d say that Kirei’s aboriginal Hassan of the Hundred Faces was appealing ideal for these purposes, but you absolutely charge whichever Apache can get you through a contiguous appointment with the adversary Saber, who you can bet has the best adventitious of actuality there at the conclusion. So as burst and dubiously summonable as he may be, King Hassan’s your best bet.



Much like with Assassin, the limitations of this chic beggarly there’s no claiming for the top atom here. Admitting their acceptability for animal strength, best Berserkers are appealing underwhelming in abject potential. I aspect this to the chic accepting started out on such a aerial note. Aback his admission in the aboriginal Fate/stay night, Herakles charcoal one of the best agents you could possibly arouse in this category, and admitting some admirable challengers, cipher has managed to topple him in my estimation. God Hand is aloof too advantageous to be overtaken, alike while the antagonism continues to hone their anytime added absurdly able nukes.

But seriously: God Hand. If you don’t recall, God Hand makes it so that Herakles has to be dead twelve times over afore he’s bottomward for acceptable in a Grail War. Aback Herakles is absolutely boxy and able already, this accomplishment allows him to catchbasin best supermoves to abate his opponents in the cessation aeon that follows (and still accept allowance to action accession annular of six Servants, if things assignment out altogether for you). While abounding added Berserkers (most conspicuously Beowulf or any of the oni-kin) can handle absurd levels of abuse with gusto, cipher can booty a Noble Phantasm to the face like Herakles. So unless your adversary has the backbone accumulation to blaze off twelve Excaliburs/Vasavi Shaktis in quick succession, there’s not abundant to be done adjoin Herk in distinct combat.

Really the abandoned assistant who adeptness be able to booty Herakles one-on-one with no gimmicks would be Karna (if he doesn’t booty off his armor and aloof plows at Herakles with basal attacks for a continued time). Everyone abroad would charge to resort to alternating tactics, like arrest maneuvers, teaming up, or digging into their amaranthine accumulation of added swords. Added Berserkers can do all sorts of fun stuff, like “summon a behemothic coil to coursing bottomward opponents” (Asterios), “harness the souls of four allegorical subordinates as weapons” (Minamoto no Yorimitsu), or “temporarily stop all abandon on the battlefield” (Florence Nightingale), but that’s all annual broad compared to the arduous appropriate advantage of aloof not dying aback you’re killed.

Otherwise, Herakles is affected to the accepted Berserker problems of not actuality able to acquaint alfresco of grunts and roars. I apperceive that some of these adorned new Berserkers don’t accept by this restriction, but I apprehend my Berserkers to advocate tradition, dammit. Either way, the higher-level Carelessness Enhancement translates to bigger stats, and Herakles is apprehensible abundant in personality to accept best absolute orders as intended. So clashing some Berserkers whose carelessness manifests as an abnormal fixation, he won’t try to do article awe-inspiring like accomplish a lovers’ suicide with you. Conceivably actuality blurred is a absolution in that regard. There’s beneath allowance for miscommunication if you accumulate advice super-basic.


And that’s a blanket on Fate Fridays! Scouring the Type-Moon wiki for this briefing absolutely presented a different challenge. What’s the aberration amid SKILL X and SKILL Y? And does it amount whether it’s A-rank or A rank? Well, if you disagreed with my choices, you can agitation the claim of your own admired Agents in the forums! Thanks for abutting me on this ride through the Nasuverse, and I’m abiding I’ll be aback aback added Fate anime get acclimatized abutting year!

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