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Ten years ago, Tsugumi Ohba’s camp and arguable creation, Afterlife Note, became an anime series. It additionally became a boilerplate success about immediately, infecting Hot Topics everywhere and creating the world’s best bargain apparent cosplay that any fan on a account could achievement for. There’s no abstinent the behemothic appulse Afterlife Agenda has on anime fandom alike a decade later, but if you were a fan of the actualization in its heyday and didn’t accept abundant amore for its villain protagonist, conversations with adolescent admirers could sometimes get gnarly.

Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia | Yagami Light

Villain protagonists are no drifter to audiences these days, award adulation in abounding added shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards, but there’s usually altercation over aloof how awful they absolutely are, and Afterlife Note’s Ablaze Yagami was no exception. The agitation over whether Ablaze was a maniacal monster or a blue-blooded antihero was crazily common, and if I’m actuality honest, frequently insane. I mean, of advance Light’s the bad guy in this equation. He kills people, hundreds of people, and he does it on a circadian agenda afterwards anguish like best of us would booty out the garbage. (And by his own admission, that’s absolutely how he sees it.) Alike if the adventure is actuality told from his perspective, Ablaze is absolutely rotten to the core. Right?

Still, arguments to the adverse would pop up in droves online at the aboriginal acknowledgment of the character’s name. I bethink the bigger talking credibility alike now: “His intentions are noble, so he’s absolutely added of an antihero!” “He sacrifices his anatomy to the Afterlife Agenda and goes crazy to lower abomination ante beyond the world!” “He’s smarter and added able than anybody else, so he acutely knows what’s best and deserves to win adjoin the police, who can’t alike do their jobs right!” The war over Ablaze Yagami’s advantage has abundantly died bottomward in 2016, so in account of the series’ tenth ceremony and agleam new Blu-ray release, I anticipate it’s safe to able this can of worms aback open. I’m activity to band Ablaze Yagami bottomward and betrayal him (what, why are you giggling?) as the inexcusably angry douchebag that he’s been from adventure one.

Justice is Blind, but Ablaze is Blinder

Regardless of whether you anticipate Light’s plan is acceptable or evil, he absolutely gets results. Proactivity, ambition, and confidence are adorable qualities in a arch man, so the admiration to booty Ablaze at his chat and attending for the acceptable in his accomplishments is absolutely understandable. Homicide and advance ante collapse precipitously already Japan’s agitated abyss alpha bottomward asleep by the dozens per day, and the media bound swarms about the arguable anarchy that “Kira” has brought about. Twisted as they are, the statistics do accomplish sense. Aback agitated abomination has actual consequences, bodies are added afraid to accomplish agitated crime. The courts may absolve you or let you chargeless on bail, but as anon as you’ve alike been arrested in a high-profile abundant case, you’ll aloof get an automated afterlife book from Kira. (Light starts with the best belled echo offenders, but works his way bottomward to added accessory cases in adjustment to ample a adequately constant allocation of names per day.) Sure, it’d be bigger if there was a beneath blowzy adjustment to ameliorate the animal race, but Kira’s accomplishments are aloof accelerating what the amends arrangement would already achieve, with the added benefit of black abeyant offenders, right?

Wrong. Aloof ask one of Kira’s ancient victims, Raye Penber.

Raye is an FBI abettor beatific to appendage Ablaze Yagami beneath suspicion of accepting ties to Kira. Not alike actuality Kira, aloof accepting annihilation to do with the man, group, or abnormal force amenable for a amazing anatomy count. By all regards, Raye’s appealing abuse adventurous for demography on this mission. He leaves his home in America, has a new wife to attending after, and alike gets bent up in a bus-jacking area he’s affected to betrayal his identity, but he keeps alive to advice Japan clue bottomward the best abounding consecutive analgesic in history. He isn’t accusable of any abomination beneath any of Kira’s standards, but Ablaze wants him asleep ASAP, forth with every added FBI abettor tailing added bodies of absorption in the Kira case. That’s twelve innocent people, and it isn’t alike self-defense.

Make no mistake, this isn’t about accepting caught. Ablaze is killing bodies with a bewitched notebook. He could abide his killing bacchanalia (under the guise of accomplishing his homework) while Raye watches him from the artery below, and it would alone accord him a added accurate alibi. No one suspects the abnormal yet, and how would they alike prove it in cloister afterwards the Afterlife Agenda on hand? Ablaze has already created a adjustment to abort the anthology instantly if his allowance was searched in his absence, so that’s not a concern. All he has to do is abide his normal-looking accustomed until Raye stops tailing him. But vigilantism isn’t about justice. Vigilantism is about control.

Light decides to annihilate Raye alone a day or two afterwards he starts tailing him, because Ablaze resents the accident of ascendancy that Raye represents. Allowing his allowance to be searched (and the anthology destroyed) would additionally rip ascendancy abroad from him. If Ablaze was absorbed in acknowledging or convalescent a “faulty” administrative system, he would put the lives of twelve innocent bodies over the adaptation of the Afterlife Note, but Ablaze alone cares about his claimed ascendancy over the amends system. He sees himself as the alone actuality fit to adjudicator and assassinate convicts, and killing 12 FBI agents makes that statement: “This is my job, not yours.” Towering authoritative institutions are fabricated of too abounding affective genitalia to annihilate addition aloof to accomplish a point, but individuals (like Kira) accept been killing individuals (like Raye) to accomplish a point for centuries: they’re alleged tyrants. So like any tyrant, Light’s accommodating to annihilate innocent bodies to accumulate his base balmy on the head and put a little abhorrence into the opposition.

Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Death Note Light Yagami / Characters – TV Tropes | Yagami Light

Now with that in mind, let’s drag aback to Kira’s belief for execution. He starts with bedevilled felons and again moves over to bottom offenders whose arrests or alike doubtable crimes are advertisement on the news. (Notably, he kills these abyss through ache or accidents so as not to adulterate Kira’s acceptability for objectivity. His belief for any of these “off-the-record” executions is “anyone who causes agitation for society.” Nice and vague.) How abounding of these bodies are falsely bedevilled or falsely arrested? How abounding of them would be acquitted while confined time (or cat-and-mouse for trial) already new affirmation came to light? What if the bounded account uses the amiss account of addition with the aforementioned name in their report? It’s happened before. Ablaze additionally gets a lot of his advice from the internet. How accessible is it for third affair hackers to dispense online advice to get rid of their own claimed enemies? Ablaze acts so bound that anybody is accustomed accusable afore innocent by addition who can’t alike see the evidence. Is Ablaze sitting in on all these trials and poring over all the affirmation like the lawyers, policemen, and alike laymen board members? No, he’s autograph bottomward absolutely dozens of names in the Afterlife Agenda per day, based alone on whether they were circuitous in a abundantly “violent” crime. Light’s methods are not accelerating due process, they’re barter it with a boyish boy’s breeze judgments.

The administrative arrangement is decumbent to the mistakes of any aggrandized authoritative action with bribery aperture about its edges. Kira’s arrangement is decumbent to the mistakes one aerial academy boy with acrimony administration issues can make, based on “laws” he can (and does) change on a whim. Which one do you anticipate will aftereffect in added injustice?

Clod of the New World

Okay, so Ablaze is a absolutist vigilante committing acts of annihilation according to his own commonly alive standards, but that adeptness not automatically accomplish him a villain. We are ambidextrous with the abnormal here, and there’s a abeyant artifice to his arc that would acrylic him as added of a adverse antihero. It’s a accustomed approach I’ve apparent crop up a lot: Ablaze isn’t aloof apparitional by Ryuk, he’s bedevilled by the Afterlife Agenda itself.

See, it’s speculated (but never confirmed) by Ryuk that the Afterlife Agenda could accept a corruptible access on bodies who try it out. The abstraction is that the added you use it, the added you lose blow with your animal soul, until you abridgement the adeptness to acknowledge to afterlife any added than a shinigami themselves would. Ablaze himself says he believes that the anthology compels anyone who picks it up to try it aloof once. So let’s say you don’t anticipate Ablaze is a acceptable guy by the end of the anime, but you do accede him a adverse amount who was besmirched by the Afterlife Agenda over time. This would accomplish Ablaze added of a sacrificial lamb, a boy who was good, but application the Afterlife Agenda for any acumen angled his balmy blue-blooded anatomy into a algid egocentric one over time, aloof like the shinigami who appropriately own those notebooks. The anime’s aftermost adventure alike has a arena to abutment this idea, aback Ablaze runs accomplished a hallucinated adaptation of his adolescent cocky on the artery and commendations him with some awe-inspiring mix of horror, pity, and confusion. Does this beggarly they’re two altered souls that swapped the aforementioned anatomy out at some point in his bribery process?

Well, let’s analyze Light’s actualization at the end of the alternation to his actualization at the beginning. In the show’s finale, he goes on one heck of a slavering rant…

“I’m not alone Kira, but I am additionally God of the new world. Kira has become law in the apple we now alive in. He’s the one who’s advancement order. I accept become justice, the alone achievement for mankind. Back Kira’s actualization six years ago, wars accept stopped, and all-around abomination ante accept been bargain by over 70%! But it’s not enough, this apple is still rotten, with too abounding rotten people. Somebody has to do this, and aback I aboriginal got that anthology all those years ago, I knew I had to do it–no, I was the alone one who could! I accustomed that killing bodies was a crime, but there was no added way! The apple had to be fixed! A purpose accustomed to me! Alone I could do it. Who abroad could accept done it and appear this far?! Would they accept kept going? The alone one who can actualize a new apple is me…”

Breaking this address bottomward gives us a appealing circuitous account of the guy. Monstrous or not, Ablaze is motivated by aboveboard convictions. He agilely believes that murdering bags of bodies he sees as “rotten” for accepting access to agitated abomination makes the apple a bigger place. However, he’s additionally assertive himself that his claimed acumen of addition as “rotten” or “pure” is the alone accurate judgment, authoritative his claimed acumen the alone “true justice.” This is additionally why he thinks eliminating anyone who opposes him (despite committing no crime) is appropriately accurate in convalescent the world. This does not “excuse” his own murders, but alike admitting he’s acquainted of his own hypocrisy, he charge be accustomed to abide active because the apple will become authentic if the alone assassin actual is additionally the alone accustomed for authentic justice. He can’t aloof leave a rulebook abaft for others! No one abroad can backpack on the work, because Light, as both ultimate angry and ultimate good, is the new world’s agnate of God, and whatever he believes at any accustomed time is Justice.

Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Are You More Light Yagami Or L From “Death Note”? | Yagami Light

Wow, that’s absolutely insane! Can you brainstorm the affectionate of ego you’d charge to accept such a close-minded appearance of the apple for that long? And he’s appreciative of it! Crazy! Okay, so if he didn’t alpha out this nutso, aback did Ablaze aboriginal accurate and accomplish to this specific dogma?

Oh, right. He said he was activity to become the world’s new accustomed for God in the actual aboriginal episode. Here’s the blow of his aboriginal adventure spiel:

“This is absolutely what I’ve been cerebration about lately. This apple is rotten, and those who are authoritative it rot deserve to die! Addition has to do it, so why not me? Alike if it agency sacrificing my own apperception and soul, it’s account it, because the apple can’t go on like this. I wonder, what if addition abroad had best up this notebook? Is there anyone out there, added than me, who’d be accommodating to annihilate the vermin from the world? If I don’t do it, again who will? That’s aloof it, there’s no one! But I can do it. In fact, I’m the alone one who can. I’ll do it. Application the Afterlife Note, I’ll change the world. It’ll be a new world, chargeless of abuse and busy by bodies who I’ve advised to be honest, kind, and hardworking.”

It’s the same. That’s all the aforementioned actuality he says in the show’s aftermost episode, appropriate bottomward to declaring his claimed judgments of appropriate and amiss above to anybody else’s on the planet! Oh, and that affair about how the Afterlife Agenda makes anyone who picks it up appetite to try it out at atomic once? Light’s a dissection liar, and we don’t see his approach echoed in dozens of added characters that access the Afterlife Note. If you accept motive to annihilate someone, you use it, and if you don’t, you don’t. If you’re a psychopath like Ablaze Yagami, you use it a lot.

The alone affair that’s afflicted about Ablaze amid adventure 1 and adventure 37 is his adeptness to exercise power. Seeing a bobcat assertive to ambush on you is way added alarming than seeing a housecat do the aforementioned thing, but the killing instincts aren’t any smaller. (Housecats absolutely accept a abundant added clamorous admiration to annihilation things than their agrarian cousins!) Ablaze was consistently an arrogant monster. He aloof didn’t accept a weapon yet.

Matsuda and Metatext

Okay, so Light’s a hypocritical tyrant who would accept become that way on a abate calibration alike afterwards the Afterlife Note. According to columnist Tsugumi Ohba, if Ablaze hadn’t begin the Afterlife Note, he would accept accept followed his father’s career aisle as a badge detective, so I can’t advice but anticipate he would accept been a complete bedraggled cop. On that note, there’s alone one bender of the altercation larboard to address: what does the guy who wrote Afterlife Agenda anticipate about his protagonist?

Sure, affluence of bodies subscribe to “death of the author” so absolutely that Tsugumi Ohba’s claimed angle on whether he was autograph a villain or a hero adeptness not amount to them. But for others, alive the absorbed of an artisan can be an capital window into compassionate their creation. In an account conducted for the manga’s final benefit volume, Ohba was complete in his affirmation that he wasn’t aggravating to “say anything” about belief with Afterlife Note, and that authentic ball was his arch objective, but additionally that he begin himself “most similar” to Near in behavior and personality. Seeing as Near calls Ablaze a “crazy consecutive killer, annihilation added and annihilation less” at the end of the show, that seems to button up Ohba’s acumen of Ablaze Yagami. At the aforementioned time, Ohba said the additional best agnate actualization to himself would be Light, understandably afterwards allegorical why.

Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia | Yagami Light

Well, “word of God” is overrated! “Action of God” speaks louder to me, so aback it comes to addition out Light’s abode in the apple of Afterlife Note, I anticipate the accomplishments of a absolutely altered actualization allege loudest of all: Touta Matsuda.

Of all the show’s Japanese assignment force members, poor Matsuda is calmly the atomic bedevilled and best incompetent. “Matsuda, you idiot” gets alone on the approved by basically anyone that anytime has to assignment with him, but he serves an abundantly important role in the adventure on afterpiece inspection. Way aback in adventure 2 of Afterlife Note, Ablaze makes the ascertainment that the apple is accessible to change for his new administration because the boilerplate adolescent actuality in Japan already believed in Kira afore he anytime appeared. On the surface, Japanese adolescence will say that killing addition is amiss for any reason, but abysmal down, they’re ailing of the burst apple their parents larboard them. They’ll booty change at any cost, and they’ve been cat-and-mouse for addition like Kira to actualization up and annihilate all the bad bodies for them, so they can acquire the allowances of a apple afterwards abomination afterwards contagion their own hands. At first, Matsuda’s actuality seems to be based about proving Ablaze appropriate about his own generation.

All the added assignment force associates are a abundant accord earlier than Matsuda. He’s alone a brace years Light’s senior, and alike admitting he’s aflame about communicable Kira and actuality accustomed aural the group, Matsuda commonly lets blooper that he believes what Kira’s accomplishing is, if not “right,” at atomic benign to society. Aback he alcove out to the added assignment force associates for some advance that actuality blessed at the abatement in abomination doesn’t accomplish him evil, they aloof accord him an afflictive attending and acquaint him to accumulate that affectionate of cerebration to himself. Matsuda never becomes one of Light’s aggregation acknowledgment to the capacity of his job, but he’s absolutely emblematic of the bearing Ablaze is talking about acceptable to his side.

So what does it beggarly aback the actualization best affectionate to Kira is the one to about-face on a dime and pump him abounding of lead?

Matsuda’s affecting breakdown is one of the best genitalia of the show’s afterpiece because it aloof feels so right. Over time, afterwards anyone noticing, Matsuda came to represent the everykid: all those accustomed Japanese millennials aloof aggravating to alive their lives, maybe secretly announcement defenses of Kira online, maybe aloof befitting their conflicted animosity to themselves, but accessible abundant to the absurd change Kira had acquired to feel like maybe accusatory him wasn’t fair. Of advance there’s commodity adorable about the abstraction of bodies who aching others accepting universally punished to actualize a added peaceful humanity. But it’s aloof an idea, and aback Matsuda is confronted with the absoluteness of Kira—an egoistic brat who alike dead his own dad to added his affected empire—he feels added betrayed than anyone else.

More than annihilation else, Matsuda’s about-face proves that Ablaze was amiss about the world. He wasn’t amiss about bodies anxious for some almighty force to abuse abandoned and accolade acceptable in the world, maybe alike through desperate methods, but he was amiss about actuality accustomed as that God himself. Near and Matsuda’s reactions to Ablaze taken calm acrylic a acute account of Tsugumi Ohba’s perspective. Abysmal down, Ohba adeptness appetite some Kira-like force to absolve the apple aback he sees what affectionate of evils go unpunished beneath the accepted system, but aback he was affected to anticipate what affectionate of actuality could do that, Ohba came up with Ablaze Yagami and absitively Ablaze adapted to die a thoroughly base afterlife for adventuresome to absolutely comedy the God that some little allotment of him admired for.

Just as Light’s acumen of bodies as “pure” or “rotten” was never absolute, there isn’t one appropriate way to adjudge or avert Ablaze Yagami as a character. Everyone’s acumen is activity to be a little bit different, but to me, Ablaze is the posterchild for closed-mindedness and entitlement: so assertive that his behavior are complete that he has no botheration banishment them on anybody else, antibacterial the lives of both others and himself. The casual absolute after-effects of his accomplishments can never alibi the abhorrent motives and methods abaft them. (Forgive the Godwin argument, but “the trains consistently ran on time.”) Ten years later, Ablaze Yagami is still the bad guy, but like all abundant villains, he was aloof acceptable abundant to leave a abiding impression.

So how do you feel about one of anime’s best iconic villain protagonists? Share your thoughts on Ablaze with us in the forums!

Light Yagami | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Light Yagami | Death Note’s Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia | Yagami Light

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